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Pipe Yesterday.

February 15, 2016  •  2 Comments

Yesterday I saw the Banzai Pipeline in full swing for the first time. The day started off slowly at Off The Wall but the swell quickly filled in and by lunch time the Banzai was on. I geared up the Aquatech housing and fluttered around in the channel. The crowd was hectic, 60 to 100 crew- the who's who of the North Shore. It was jam packed. Never before have I seen waves so beautiful but so dangerous... and it was only 6-8 foot. Following the swim we headed down with a few beers and watched the sunset session- at this stage i tried to slow it all down. My hat! Enjoy.




John O'Connor(non-registered)
Awesome footage ...looks so shallow
Great shots Nic, glad you survived. Can you get in front of the yellow Gath tomorrow!! Gaz
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