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Leblon - Le Bubble

January 28, 2018
Here is a few shots from a few days in Rio De Janeiro- more specifically the beachside suburb of Leblon- or Le Bubble as I call it. As to me it feels so far removed from...
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Rio de Janeiro from above.

October 02, 2017
Rio de Janeiro is an incredible city full of colour, beauty and contrast. The beach to mountains, the favelas to the high-rises the beer to the rum. Here are a few shots...
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Winki Wandering

September 05, 2017
A few different takes on the Bells/ Winki area today and maybe even a novelty spot thrown in.
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Lunar Label: Sisters of the Moon

August 06, 2017
Earlier this winter I was lucky enough to shoot Lunar Label's winter collection- Sisters of the moon. Lunar's own Jordie styled her house to reflect the collection's them...
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Southern Seduction

July 17, 2017
Winter, its fresh but the light is peachy. Here is a few different takes on the many moods of the Southern Ocean in winter, quite enticing really.
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